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In 2020 it is a hundred years ago that Domela Nieuwenhuis (1846-1920) died. In his time, Domela – as a pastor, freethinker, socialist, anarchist, anti-militarist, but above all as a fighter against social injustice – was famous and notorious. They called him ‘us ferlosser’, our savior. It was him who united the poor poor peat […]

The Optician

Japan Registration of 5 video-installations for KAIR in Kamiyama, Japan. An abandoned house of an optician in a small village in the mountains of Japan comes back to life.               


Jophiel   Registration of a video-installation for Kreislauf Artproject in an empty shop in the main street in Kranenburg, Germany “Jophiel” Jophiel is the name of the angel, it means “Beauty of God”. Jophiel helps with getting inspiration, especially artists. But he also helps us to slow down in hectic times, so that we can […]

build me a cottage

Build me a cottage Video poem by Pat van Boeckel in a collaborative project with Pieter Van de Pol in the desertedwool factory of Guarda (for the Museum of Guarda, Portugal).  

Woest en Ledig

Woest en Ledig Woest en Ledig is a multimediaproject with singer and composer Patty Trossel (La Pat), performed in the museum church of Museum Schokland (Ens, Netherlands).        

No Nature

No nature In de prachtige ruimten van Dat Bolwerck in Zutphen, verdiepen Pieter van de Pol, Pat van Boeckel en Karin van der Molen zich in hun relatie tot de natuur. Dat grote geheel dat leeft, ouder is dan twee dagen of een miljoen ademhalingen en waarvan toch de bodem onder onze voeten weg dreigt […]