The roaming painter (30’)
A portrait of Frysian painter Dirk Kerst Koopmans, a son of a poor farmer. As a youngster he left for Argentina and became a skilled artist. Upon his return in the 1920s he lived in a shack amidst the bogs in the south of the Dutch province of Frysland and made a daily painting of his environment. Ninety years later, an Argentinean artist pays homage to him in the same bog, which has now been turned into a nature reserve.
Broadcasted on TV Fryslan.


The body is my teacher (40’)
Two approaches to the human body: one by a world-famous artist and the other by a young doctor in a Buddhist hospital in Taiwan. Sculptor Antony Gormley has been using his body as the basis for his work for the past thirty years. Most elementary, he says: “The body is more than a stone.” His body has become the fundamental instrument through which he expresses himself. Lee Ning Ning is a young doctor in training in a hospital in Taiwan. She initiates us into the special approach of her hospital to use the body for medical study. The dead body isn’t reduced to merely an object, but cherished as a source of life.
Broadcasted on Dutch public TV (BOS).