“The betrayel by technology”, 60 minutes
“We are rapidly approaching the time when there will no longer be any natural environment at all”

“Het verraad van de techniek”
Nederlandse Versie

‘Het is merkwaardig dat de Europese beschaving in een crisis is terecht gekomen op het moment dat de verwestersing van de wereld nagenoeg voltooid is … De culturele schok die niet-westerse samenlevingen hebben ondervonden bij de gedwongen kennismaking met de westerse cultuur lijkt … Europa zelf te treffen in omgekeerde richting.

“Arne Naess”
Portrait of the Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess and the Deep Ecology Movement. Made in 1997 by Rerun Productions, TheNetherlands. Shot on location in Naess’s hut Tvergastein on the Hardangervidda mountain plateau, and in Berkeley, USA. WithBill Devall, Vandana Shiva, George Sessions, Helena Norberg-Hodge, and Harold Glasser.


“It is killing the clouds”
A confrontation between the Aborigenes Dreantime and Western Technology

“The earth is cryingFive hundred years after Columbus, four Native Americans ‘discover’ the Netherlands and visit a nuclear power station, ananthropological museum, a zoo and a peace camp. With Leslie Marmon Silko, Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Bill Wahpepah andJohn Graham.

“The M for Murder/The origin of a work of art”, 30 minutes.
Artist Bertus Halfwerk talks about his childhood, in which he finds his inspiration for his art. Documentary commissioned by KCO Overijssel.

”The blank screen”, 30 minutes.

Ton Lathouwers is zenteacher in addition to Professor for Russian literature He tries to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western religions. With dramatized versions of the stories by Lathouwers filmed in the Russian-Orthodox monastery of Chevetogne and Russia.
Broadcasted by the BOS (Dutch Public Television).

“Icons on the Volga”, 45 minutes.
On the island in the Volga Sviazjk, painters make icons of all kinds on the basis of their traditional and modern interpretations. Against the backdrop of a rustic island. The history of the last 100 years in Russia is outlined.

“A farmers meal”, 35 minutes.
Documentary about life on an ecological farm in the polder.
Broadcasted by IKON (Dutch Public Television).

“Mooiweer in Blankenham”, 60 minutes.
Stories about the disappearance of the Zuiderzee and the impact of the arrival of the Noordoostpolder for the residents of Blankenham.


”Fragments of desire”, 45 minutes
In interviews and old pictures from the Steyler Missionary convent archives, a picture of the monastic life, the work in the mission and the change in the objectives of the mission work is outlined.


“Philosophy in the subway”, 10 minutes. Video installation of people reading in the Moscow subway, texts of Kierkegaard.


“The creative economy”, 30 minutes
A group of artists is transforming the NDSM former shipyard in Amsterdam North into an artist village. The process with all its difficulties is closely followed. Broadcasted by IKON (Dutch Public Television).

“A look into the milk churn”, 3 minuten.
Video art in a milk churn.


“Frozen Tears”, 35 minutes.
The unveiling of a statue by sculptor Truus Menger in the former
concentration camp Westerbork.


“The Street”, 10 minutes.
Video installation with street scenes filmed in India from a window.


“The Oak Tree in the Garden”, 50 minutes.
Film on Buddhist monastery Noorderpoort in Drenthe.