As a filmmaker Pat van Boeckel already specialized in the documentary film genre, when he developed his own path in video art. The majority of his documentaries have been broadcasted on Dutch public television and shiown on festivals. His topics vary from indigenous peoples to ecology, mostly with a philosophic thread.

His video installations often examine the intertwined relation between humans and their (natural) environment. Aspects of contemporary life are being mirrored with values and other things that have been lost on the way of the ongoing modernization. In general his work is characterized by its apparent simplicity. Through its slow pace it contrasts with the speed and volatility of modern visual culture. The embodied experience of time and place is central to both his documentaries and video art works. Rather than using a screen Pat van Boeckel projects his video art on objects or combines the projection with a building, thus adding new layers to the moving image. In doing so he twists and plays with meaning and expectations.