”The trail of the ox”, 30 minutes

-documentary portrait of an artist

On a dead end landed in her life and work, artist Marja Timmer decided to enter into a Buddhist

monastery in the Netherlands. To avoid distraction she did away with her paintbrush. The meeting

with zenleraar and artist Cardona Hine, brought a turnaround in her life. He put her to return to

painting, spelling the end of her life as a nun.

Television broadcast by the BOS (Dutch Public Television).

rabit 2

”How art catches a rabbit”, 30 minutes documentary about an envitonmental art project.

In the film a number of artists are followed in National Park the Weerribben while making art of

natural materials. Their mission is to attract extinct wildlife.


“Art on a stick”, 20 minutes

Documentary about the activities of Dutch landart artist Willem Hoogeveen in his province. Made for

the Government of Flevoland.