”In the beginning”
, 3 minutes.

Video artwork inspired by Genesis: In the beginning was the word.

Roaming through the forest, one tree is finally selected to be felled.

Winner Vermeulen-Brauckman art award. Purchased by Museum Catharijneconvent.


leven ligt op straat
”Life is on the street” 30 minutes

Double Portrait of two people who have shifted their work area to the street. Photographer Stef

Renodeyn and zenteacher Frank de Waele talk about their experiences: photographing the homeless

and guiding a quiet retreat on the street.

Broadcasted by the BOS (Dutch Public Television).



Between praying and Batik”, 30 minutes

The 20 nuns of the Monastery in Egmond Lioba make a living of their artwork. They tell about the

common ground between art and religion.


landart falstar
Landart Falster-Lolland, 20 minutes

Registration of the activities of six landart artists in the Faster-Lolland Landart festival 2009.