Think the moon

“Think the Moon” is a video installation in the small corner room of the Tsukuba Art Center (Tsukuba, Japan).
The piece is inspired by Japanese poet Basho Matsuo’s words, “There is nothing that you can see that is not a flower.
There is nothing that you can think that is not the moon.” A figure we cannot really see and whose head is covered
seated faces away from us at an antique table. The figure resembles the one who appears on the video, and whose eyes
move to follow the moon. The subtle eye movement is a gesture that builds a subtle interaction with the moon’s image
as it rises appearing on the screen, to pass over and cover and eventually move off to the right of the screen.
There is a tranquil sense of surreal mystery to this “enactment” of two vastly different forces or energies, one the moon,
the other human.

text by John Grande